Ailuro celebrates the best of Italy, from land to sea.

In Our dishes the Ingredients are Seasonal and Fresh with a selected Wine List to offer you an impeccable pairing.


The Chef Alessandro Puleo was born in Giammoro, a small village in province of Messina. In 2010 he leaves Sicily, a land rich of history, architecture and traditions to land in Australia, seeking his fortune.

Almost by chance it happens to get into the kitchen’s world he falls in love with and discovers of having an innate talent; he enrolls at the university and through many sacrifices he manages to graduate in a prestigious cooking school.

A few years later he leaves Australia to return to Europe, to London exactly, where he gets in contact with some high level personalities that allow him to expand his knowledge and his bottomless desire to know. It is only the biological need for warmer climates that leads him out of the eccentric and fascinating London reality to the Algarve. Here the Chef demonstrates personality and initiative, working in one of the most exclusive spots in Portugal.


In the years around the world in his heart a spark light that grows up to become a fire, giving birth to ‘Ailuro’. Alessandro and Martina meet in Australia and fall in love at first sight. Among the ups and downs of a life far from home and loved ones they dream and work to make his dream come true.

After nine years they return to Italy but it is not the end of a story, rather the beginning of a new path.

Let us introduce Ailuro, a restaurant that tells about our continuous desire for seeking; a concept of a dynamic restaurant , with a constantly evolving menu, developed using fresh, seasonal raw products and revisited in a contemporary and creative key, all presented in a modern, minimal and welcoming location within the historic city of Ascoli Piceno.

Ristorante siciliano Ascoli Piceno centro